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Dan Baldwin - Novels, Short Stories & Non-Fiction


  True stories of a unique approach to speaking with those who have crossed over - and many who have come back.




The Levine Project - A True Story of personal domestic terror in Tucson and a couple's struggle to survive intimidation, property destruction, and eventually attempted murder and their fight for justice in state and federal court.

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Why Would the Officers and Board of Directors Violate Their 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation Bylaws To Remove Board Members And What the Hell Does That Have to Do With Writing A Book on Psychic Detecting?

Interesting reading with 70 pages of documentation (fascinating reading themselves). If you are a writer considering coauthoring a book, Do As I Say Not As I Did. Available in ebook and paperback. 












There is an adage, write about what you know, that guides successful authors. Dan Baldwin knows much about locating people, or their remains, in places not thought, in terrain unknown, and with clues provided by a group of volunteers who pool their psychic talents… Baldwin explains how psychic talents work and how they don't. A lot of misconceptions about "psychics" are dismissed with the hard-nosed reality of what such information is and is not. The cases are often sad, by reader's definition - long lost remains are finally located - but satisfying a family's closure to a missing loved one. In these accounts you follow the author from the invitation to the investigation, to assembling the team, to the information presented, and the actions based on the information.

George Sewell

Available in e-book and paperback: http://www.amazon.com/They-Are-Not-Yet-Lost/dp/1519638493/



The Practical Pendulum is a no-nonsense guidebook to pendulum dowsing designed to teach the novice and enhance the skills of the experienced practitioner. Baldwin is an experienced dowser who uses his skills to help find missing persons and to solve crimes. His approach is to demonstrate how to effectively use an incredible-yet-practical tool, an instrument that bridges the gap between a higher power and the human subconscious. The information you want to know is knowable – everything from where you lost your car keys to addressing everyday challenges and opportunities to discovering the purpose of life. The pendulum provides a proven way of accessing that information directly and through your own efforts. Topics covered include defining the pendulum and pendulum dowsing, selecting a pendulum, dangers to avoid and benefits to seek, pendulum language, problem solving tips, diagnosing problems, map dowsing, and a step-by-step how-to guide to conducting a successful pendulum session. Baldwin says a pendulum is nothing more than a weight on a string – a tool – but it is a practical tool that can open to new levels of self-awareness, personal achievement and a happier and more successful life.

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I read the first couple of paragraphs on Amazon. It chills on the first page. Your Canyon books are a "hard" read for me. But they are brilliant, edgy, new grit Westerns for sure. Such strong material will find a fan club soon. Skilled writing, so well done!

AnnElise Makin, Author/Journalist



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