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Dan Baldwin's Novels



HERESY - An Ashley Hayes Mystery by Dan Baldwin

   Dr. Ashley "Ash" Hayes is driven to prove that America was explored by Europeans well before Columbus - a quest her superiors at a northwest Louisiana college consider academic heresy. Her quest is interrupted by the disappearance of a friend who has headed into the far hills and deep swamps in search of ancient Native American treasure. She drops everything to help find her friend and is aided by the missing man's brother, a tall and handsome transplanted Apache. The search is threatened by a series of grisly murders which are somehow connected to the disappearance. The two find the brother, the killer and someone far more deadly. They also find the treasure and encounter a profound mystery. But will Ash survive the ordeal to tell the story?

"This second 'Ashley' book is as incredible as the first! Always moving, drawing you into another sequence of events, yet never allowing you to lose sight of the character's objective or convictions. No lags, i.e. no real place to lay the book down! Also, I hesitate to admit that though I grew up in Caddo Parish, the Native American history there somehow escaped me. Though 'Heresy' is fictional, there's enough factual content there to make me want to know more! Well done, Dan Baldwin! Thank you!!"                                                  Kay Green

HERESY is available from Kindle Books as a download and as a paperback from CreateSpace.


DESECRATION, the first Ashley Hayes mystery, is available in paperack and for Kindle download.





SPARKY AND THE KING has just been signed by AKA Literary Agency. 

Sparky and the King takes readers back to 1960. Fidel Castro has just taken over Cuba, Jack Kennedy is in the White House, and Elvis Presley is preparing a Louisiana Hayride comeback concert now that he's out of the Army. Enter Jack Ruby, owner of the Carousel Club in Dallas. Ruby is being sent on a secret mission by the mob to stop the local Klan in Shreveport, Louisiana, and their hired killer, from assassinating Presley, who they perceive as a threat, not only to their families, but to the entire nation. Ruby's real challenge, however, is finding a way to make it back to Dallas alive once his mission is accomplished.

Sparky and the King is full of sleazy, but memorable characters, as it takes readers back to a not-so-nice time in our nation's past when not everyone was treated equally. It also offers some plausible scenarios about the real Jack Ruby, a man who even now, some forty years after his death, remains an enigma. 

Sparky and the King is a great read for Elvis fans, history buffs, and those who like a good crime story.

-Marina Martindale, author of The Deception

Cover Art was produced by fine artist Dave Ivey of Louisiana.


Caldera explores a man's lifelong, dangerous and heartbreaking pursuit todefine, discover and preserve the meaning of family. Three forces shape his life: the love of his surrogate father, a Pima Indian farmer/warrior; the indifference of his natural father, a mountain man who stumbled into a fortune in gold; and the hatred of his step-mother, a bordello madam. He is at first a happy-go-lucky kid in the boom town of Privy, Arizona Territory. He becomes a Confederate scout, husband and widower, mad man, cold-blooded killer, hero and enigma. Accused of murdering his wife and unborn child, Caldera escapes Privy's "jail tree" and rides into the nearby Superstition Mountains to end his life. He is rescued by Prospect who sends him on a quest, a vengeance trail, to burn out the madness. He dedicates his life to the destruction of a vicious gang led by the bandit Malon and rides off to discover his destiny. E-book available from Amazon.com and Smashwords.com. Paperback available from Amazon.com.


Caldera - A Man on Fire - Caldera, "sometimes son" of his blood father, Bull McKenzie, and Prospect, the Shakespeare-quoting Pima warrior who raised him, enters the backwaters of Western legend. As members of Malon's gang continue to meet violent ends a legend of "the links killer," later just "the Lynx" grows. The mysterious Lynx is a hero to some and a murderer to others - hated and loved, wanted and hunted. A "soiled dove" confesses a secret to Bull and Prospect - Caldera is innocent of the murders. The real killer is Belle Delcour, Bull's former lover and Caldera's step mother. Her hatred for Caldera is as limitless as her skills with poison. Prospect begins his own quest to track down and bring Caldera home alive. All trails lead to an inevitable violent and bloody confrontation where all the events began - a small Arizona mining community called Privy. E-book available from Amazon.com and Smashwords.com. Paperback available from Amazon.com.


 Caldera's quest for a peaceful life leads away from the American Southwest to the quiet island of Cuba... just in time for the Spanish-American War. He finds friends, foes and even romace, but will Caldera ever find the peace he seeks?



Trapp Canyon - Can a man find redemption through murder? Vengeance drives Grat O'brien to find the wagon driver who left him to die in the desert flats of southern Arizona Territory. He attacks the driver's freighting company one station at a time - random acts violence that make him a man wanted by the law and hunted by hired killers. O'brien forces himself to become educated so he can mix with the merchant class of Tombstone to learn the name of the man he seeks. He makes enemies and allies and finds a passion for the elegant daughter of the freight line company owner - a woman with her own dark and dangerous secrets. As the violence escalates, so does his awareness of who he is, what he has done, and - significantly - who he can become. When he at last confronts the driver, the brute O'brien faces the aware O'brien. Will he torture and kill or will he forgive and forget? Or can he devise a third alternative? The answer to what happens next is found in a place called Trapp Canyon.
E-book available from www.amazon.com and www.smashwords.com. Paperback available from www.booklocker.com/books/6147.html

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