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Short Stories/Collections

Decker Dean and the Vampire Bimbos From Big Mamou


A collection of six short stories including Westerns, swamp humor, Southern humor, cat ladies, horror, soiled doves, unique collectors and alligators. Hero adventurer Decker Dean investigates the Pompom murders - Mr. Abaddon has a hacienda filled with an amazing collection, but he needs one more thing - Hackett's Crossing is a town filled with hate, but will the town's preacher select a scripture foretelling prophecy? - Ford needs money, but things go terribly wrong and he may lose his life in a frightening way -Townspeople of Privy, Arizona build a church, but the first service ends in a brawl - He was half man, half gator. He was "mater."

Princess Dodu and the Great Escape & Other Stories


A collection of short stories featuring Westerns, politics, the Deep State and Science Fiction. Princess Dodu is perceived as royalty, but she is a conniving whore, tricking every man she meets - Plew is killed by the Denada gang and the townspeople of Reyburn are enraged - Richard Nixon wanted to make his mark on history, but a nameless government operative thwarts his efforts - A Vietnamese general is destined for greatness and Song Da volunteers for a mission involving the general - Three adventurers encounter strange events in the Southwestern desert - Three thieves engage with Madame Ruth, who foretells how each will meet his death - A western tale involves revenge in the Arizona desert - Reports by the coroner and others tell a different story about John Ringo's death - On a quest to find Matthew Stone's brother, two meet some interesting backwoods folk and environmental activists - While waiting for a telegram, Lee Pickett learns a lot about the character of some Old West residents - Gird and Harth make a third trip to Earth, encountering a revival meeting.

Dank Summit: The Collected and Other Stories


What happens when the preacher’s wife really gets a dose of the Spirit and takes her husband’s commandment to confess to heart – in the middle of the service? What really goes upstairs at Miss Purdy’s Saloon and Euphemism saloon when Sheriff Matt Dullard goes out of town? Who comes out on top when the Arizona Territory is invaded by an all-girls baseball team taking on all comers in high stakes baseball? How does a simple misspelling turn a quiet afternoon at a small country store into the scene of a near riot and a revelation about the nature of small-town humanity? And why would things have worked out better if only Gomez had been a girl? Enter the realm of human folly personified by the citizens of the small Southern town of Dank Summit. Also enter the realms of the Old West, the possible near future, and some places that are beyond understanding in Dan Baldwin’s short story collection Dank Summit and Other Short Stories.

The File on John Ringo


Reports by the coroner, sheriff and psychics converge to tell a different story about the death of infamous outlaw John Ringo. Who is correct?

Lurlene Hurlbutt's Flatline


All hell breaks loose when Aberdene Hurlbutt slowly metabolizes anesthesia for a medical procedure and his wife, Lurlene, freaks out in the waiting room when she sees a flatline on the patient status board.

Jimi Strawberry's Gas Bomb


This collection has something for everyone and everything for any short story enthusiast. The variety of humor, irony, darkness, and pathos provides the reader with the motivation to keep moving on to the next story, confident that he will find still more surprises. Dan touches in the universals of human experience over and over again. You’ll wonder about every decision you’ll ever make after reading the story, Flip. 

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