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Trapp Canyon


Can A Man Find Redemption Through Murder? Vengeance drives Grat O'Brien to find the wagon driver who left him to die in the desert of southern Arizona Territory. He finds enemies, allies and passion for an elegant woman with her own dark and dangerous secrets. As the violence escalates, so does his awareness of who he is, what he has done and who he can become.

Bock's Canyon


Young Brodie Dephrane was forced to watch the murder of his mother by a gang of killers. He grows into a strong, reliable man and a deadly shot with a .45 revolver. Yet, he is a restless man obsessed with a need to protect women who cannot protect themselves and for revenge against the killers. He puts his ranch, his romance and his future on hold when he saves a young woman who puts him on the trail of the man responsible for killing his mother. Brodie’s dangerous quest drives him from Utah through Arizona Territory and to a final conflict above New Mexico’s Gila River on Deadman’s Ridge. But the price of his obsession is found elsewhere – in a place called Bock’s Canyon.


Slott Canyon


Slott Canyon, the new novel from award-winning author Dan Baldwin, traces the lives of a handful of people trying to survive in a new land. Their stories meet, diverge, then come together again, entwining their lives and the reader in an epic tale of love, hate, loss and revenge. As with his Caldera Trilogy, Dan makes the panorama of the Southwest a character of his story. It is the landscape’s unseen hand that shapes the lives of every person willing to face the maelstrom head on. Dan’s prose is stark and beautiful at the same time. The reader can feel the dirt and grit that each player experiences in his tale.



Can a man define family in blood? Caldera relates a man’s lifelong, dangerous and heartbreaking pursuit to define, discover and hold on to his family. Three forces shape Caldera’s life: the love of his surrogate father, a Pima Indian farmer/warrior; the indifference of his natural father, a mountain man who stumbled into a fortune in gold; and the hate of his stepmother, a bordello madam. He is at first a happy-go-lucky kid in the boom town of Privy, Arizona Territory. He becomes a scout during the Confederacy’s invasion of the West, a husband and widower, mad man and a guilt-ridden killer on a vengeance trail. The path leads to a deadly confrontation with the three forces and a mortal enemy. Caldera’s vengeance trail is related in two stand-alone books: Caldera and Caldera – A Man on Fire. His story will continue in Caldera – A Man of Blood.

Caldera - A Man on Fire


Caldera continues his vengeance quest and a mysterious figure, "the Lynx," appears in footnotes to the history of the West. Caldera's true father seeks buried treasure on the Gulf of California while his surrogate father, the Pima warrior Prospect, goes on his own quest to find and return with his "sometimes son," Caldera. Belle Delcour McKenzie poisons her way from California to Arizona Territory with her own plans for wealth and revenge. All trails lead to a final, deadly confrontation between Caldera and the three forces that have shaped his life - a meeting made more dangerous by the arrival of a mortal enemy.

Caldera - A Man of Blood


Caldera continues his quest to find and determine the meaning of family within the violent times at the end of the Apache Wars. His quest is hampered by the arrival of an unknown half-brother, a Harvard educated tenderfoot with plans for a takeover of his (and Caldera’s) father’s enormous business empire. While his half-brother ruthlessly carries out a business plan, Caldera faces life and death choices in a war between mining communities. Caldera works as a “regulator” hired to hunt down the most dangerous renegade Apache in Arizona. Caldera is a man who must at different times face down two unforgettable women: Honeybee and Fanny Blue. Tiring of violence and bloodshed, Caldera leaves the country and settles in for a peaceful life in Cuba – 1898. Once again, he becomes a fighting man, acting as a scout for the Rough Riders. He finds battle, betrayal and, perhaps, the love of a beautiful Cuban freedom fighter.


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A Stalking Death


“I was so shocked that I threw a cabbage at a cat!” A startled reaction starts a chain of events that sets cowhand Grey Cochran on a trail into mystery and danger with death stalking each step of his journey. Believing that his boss, the woman he loves, has been kidnapped by the mysterious and much feared Black Legion, Cochran rides into Arizona’s Superstition Mountains only to become the legion’s prisoner. As he struggles to earn his freedom, his boss struggles against memory loss and the attentions of the madman who has kidnapped her. As Cochran learns the legion’s secrets, he discovers the fate of his boss and the startling identity of a serial killer stalking the backroads of the territory. The chain of events leads inevitably to a series of explosive confrontations with the killer, the legion and the man who has stolen the woman he loves.